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Peanut Pottery LLC

Membership Programs

You can now access a membership that allows for the unique experience of being in a ceramic studio with access to top of the line materials and machines.

The 1 month subscription comes with 5lbs of clay and any glaze that is currently in stock in the studio.

You are allowed to bring your own tools, but everything is already provided. All you'll need to bring is your creativity.

This setting allows for creative exploration and experimentation, leading to stunning results! The potential for growth is HUGE, and you should expect nothing less than a supportive environment

This is not a beginner class and you will need to have prior ceramic experience to sign up. I will be in the studio to answer questions but its not a one on one experience.

Disregard the cite saying its only Tuesdays. This is just to secure your membership. Open studio hours will be Tuesdays and Fridays 11am-7pm

click the link below the picture to sign up.